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Chemikal Partners
was established in 1999

Chemikal Partners was established in 1999. Our 25 years of experience combined with our highly qualified and motivated technical and management teams are able to create products that exceed all your expectations.


We also provide a comprehensive packaging service that includes filling, label production/screen printing, labelling and packaging.


We have our own state of the art, advanced chemical laboratory where we develop and implement many innovative products and technologies. We are a company specializing in providing high-quality, cutting edge products in the field of UV-curing, principally based on acrylate oligomers. 


Our offer also includes manicure products such as nail gels, top coats and auxiliary liquids which not only emphasise the natural beauty of nails but also ensure durability and a beautiful, stylish appearance. Through carefully developed formulations we ensure above all, safety and ease of application.


All products in our portfolio are produced in our laboratory in Poland based on the ISO 22716 Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard. So, you can be sure of the highest quality products. We are able to quickly respond to changing trends and expectations of our customers and adapt to them at speed.

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The company’s mission is to build long-term relationships with customers, based on trust and security. We are flexible and ready to adapt to your unique needs offering support in the production process to ensure complete satisfaction. Join us and see how our products, technological capabilities, and modern machinery can help you create or develop your own brand.

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