Gel Premium

Gel premium is a serious builder gel with a medium+ viscosity. This formula was our first gel builder created some 20 years ago and has stood the test of time. It is a hard gel (file off) with maximum strength and just a little flexibility. A vast array of clears and covers make up the range and as with all products custom colours can be arranged. We describe it as a ´duo phase´gel with no separate gel base coat required (just prep followed by a touch of bonder/primer). Many brands market this as a one phase or monophasico gel as they have the right to do, but, we believe that all gels are aided by the protection and additional shine from a top coat, you want clients to buy more, not less products obviously!

Method of packaging

  • Słoiczek aluminiowy 30ml
  • Wiadro czarne 5l
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